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What Your Realtor Wishes You Would Do Before You Sell

It’s time. You’re moving out of your home, and you want to sell it as Hispanic aircon maintenance man quickly as possible while also getting the most value out of it. Even though home prices are currently rising and some are calling this a seller’s market, there are some things that can greatly improve your odds of getting top dollar for your home. Consider doing the following before you list it, and make your realtor the happiest one in the city.

1)     Clean it. Even though this is simple enough, many sellers overlook the obvious. Do the deep cleaning that really makes a home sparkle, like cleaning the baseboards and fans, scrubbing tile grout in the bathrooms, and working that hard water stain from the bathtub. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d be up for, consider hiring a local company for a one-time visit.

2)     Landscape it. Don’t do anything crazy, but trim the big oak tree in the front yard or remove the dead bushes your dog sought out as a personal enemy. Curb appeal is everything, and it is the first impression someone will get of your home.

3)     Maintain it. Make sure everything is in working order and don’t let a hiccup lose you money on a home inspection. Fix the leaking faucet. Have your creaking air conditioner serviced. We are the expert in AC repair Bacliff TX trusts for just such a job.

Don’t delay. Complete the above-mentioned and then go out and get the most you can for your home.