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Dallas, TX Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation in Dallas Aramendia is Dallas’ number one choice for efficient water heater repair and intallation. In both residential and commercial buildings, water heaters are necessary if you want hot water whenever you need it. Whether the water is used for bathing, cleaning, cooking, we rely on water heaters to supply us with a certain level of comfort. An inefficient system can raise energy bills, leaving your family cranky and cold. In extreme cases they can flood areas of your home and cause extensive damage. When your unit goes out or is completely unreliable, turn to Aramendia. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to efficiently and quickly install a new, properly functioning system in your home or office.

Other Water Heater Services We Offer

  • Water Heater Service
  • Water Heater Installation
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • Tankless Water Heater Repair

    Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

    If you have a water heater that isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, call Aramendia so we can diagnose the problem. In many cases, the issue may just be leaky fittings or built up sediment inside your tank. Our technicians are mindful of your budget, and will repair your unit if at all possible. In some circumstances, however, a unit is past the point of repair and must be replaced. Bellow, are some indications signifying it may be time to call Aramendia’s water heater installation professionals:
  • Corrosion – Corrosion can mean disaster for a water heater tank. With time, water minerals will react with the steel tank and corrode the insides. The corrosion will bore through your tank, causing leaks, and leaving your system helpless. However, there’s no need to be worried right away if you notice rusty tank water. It may be a sign that a tarnished anode rod has polluted the water. If the anode is a bit rusty but the tank is clean, a repair will be sufficient.
  • Leaks – When you notice signs of a leaky tank, that means corrosion is present and it’s time for a water heater replacement. However, if you see water pooling around the base of your unit, don’t always expect the worst. Leaky pipe fittings could be the source of your troubles and can be an easy fix.
  • Anode Rod – This rod, located inside the water heater tank, is constructed of magnesium or aluminum and is designed to shield the tank from corrosion. However, if the rod begins to breakdown over time, this will leave your tank vulnerable. If you see less than six inches of the anode rod’s steel core wiring exposed, chances are that your tank has been unprotected for too long and the tank has started deteriorating.
  • Age – We recommend installing a new water heater every eight to twelve years. If your system is at least 8 years old and is consistently giving you problems, it is time to call Aramendia to replace it.

    Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Home

    Whether you want a gas, tankless or electric water heater, we can provide water heater installation using any of the major brands. Aramendia ishonored to help you choose the best water heater for your property, and our service technicians discuss the advantages and disadvantages that come with every system. Consider the following advantages:
  • Gas Water Heaters – Natural gas is an expensive fuel. This is why using gas water heaters is a lot cheaper. Additionally, gas typically warms up the large tank of water much faster than electricity does.
  • Electric Water Heaters – If you want a heater that will outlast a gas heater, electric is the way to go. They also require less room than gas units, due to the fact that gas systems require extra ventilation space.
  • Tankless Water Heaters – Tankless options consume less energy than those systems with tanks, saving money each year. They are also great freeing up floor space, providing more room for a smaller home. On-demand systems heat water as it is used, instead of warming and storing it, making them ideal for small or large families.

    Contact Aramendia for Water Heater Installation

    For more information on water heater installation in Dallas, contact Aramendia at (469) 522-3291.
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