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Dallas, TX Pipe Leak Detection

Dallas Pipe Leak Detection Aramendia’s pipe leak detection services in Dallas are unparalleled. Our experienced plumbers are able to quickly find the source of any leak, big or small, in order to prevent further damage that may occur to your property. Water is a destructive element in many ways, and leaks that are left untreated can lead to low water pressure, high utility bills, and even water damage. Whether you are experiencing an indoor or outdoor leak, you can trust Aramendia’s pipe leak detection specialists to efficiently track it down.

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Our Pipe Leak Repair Services

Once our Aramendia Dallas technicians have located the leak, they will provide you with a detailed plan on how to repair it using the least invasive methods possible. Aramendia doesn’t believe in keeping property owners in the dark with hidden charges. We are pleased to guide you step by step so that you are always informed concerning what it will take to perform a proper pipe leak repair, and how much it will cost. Furthermore, our service trucks are equipped with the supplies and tools needed to perform same-day pipe leak repairs and detection. Staying educated in understanding what to look out for is key to preventing damaging water leaks. If you notice any of the following signs below, contact Aramendia right away to have a pipe leak detection specialist evaluate your pipes:
  • Corrosion – Corrosion may be due to the age of your pipes, water or a chemical reaction. Once it begins, it can only get worse, so you need to call for help immediately after seeing it. Check for rust or a green discoloration on metal pipes.
  • Cracks – Although cracks are rare, they are a definite sign of trouble ahead. If you see a crack along any part of the fixture or pipe, it will need to be replaced promptly.
  • Leaky pipe joints – Leaks are abnormal in any form. Whether water is leaking out of the the plumbing fixture or pipe joints, it is usually a sign that the joints in your pipework require replacement because of degradation.
  • Pressure – If there is too much or too little, you have an issue. While high pressure can cause pipes to falter as they are only designed to withstand a certain pressure range, low pressure can indicate that water flow is disturbed, and can also be a bad sign.

Professional Pipe Leak Detection

Our plumbing professionals have years of experience detecting and repairing difficult to find leaks. Aramendia is proud to offer the most thorough leak detection services in all of Dallas. Each technician performs the following steps in detecting the leak:
  • Visual Inspection – Often times, our plumbers simply need to look around a property to detect a leak. They will look for signs such as a flooded yard, dripping water, and damage to walls, cabinets, and floors. Bubbling paint and a dripping toilet are other sure signs of water leaks, and will require a pipe leak repair, immediately.
  • Pressure Testing – The pressure within pipes can often be a sign of a leak. Technicians can verify if the pressure is on the hot or cold line, thus narrowing down the leak’s location.
  • Sensors and Moisture Probing – Detecting excess moisture along the surface of a pipe is a significant way to reveal the source of a leak.
  • Fiber Optic Borescope – Our technicians are equipped with equipment that allow them to inspect tight spaces in between walls and floors without drilling any holes, damaging property just get a sufficient look.
  • Thermal Camera – An infrared camera is a great way for plumbing professionals to detect leaks within walls and floors. By looking for abnormal thermal patterns within the walls, the camera is able to detect leaks that otherwise would not have been seen.
  • Pinpoint Audio Location – Many leaks can be heard with the right sound-amplifying tools.

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Contact Aramendia immediately if you suspect a leak of any sorts. Call (469) 522-3291 to schedule your pipe leak repair.  
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