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Dallas, TX Bathtub Repair

Dallas Bathtub Repair Many people feel that bathtub problems aren’t worth waiting for a plumber to repair. If this sums up your thinking on shower and bathtub repair, you should call Aramendia to help with your next problem. Our plumbers are professional and punctual, and we offer fixed estimates so you know that you’re getting the best rate. There’s no reason to deal with the irritation of a bathtub, shower or drain that doesn’t work properly when you have easy access to plumbers who are specially trained in shower and bathtub repair. It’s always better to fix small problems early, before they escalate into larger ones, and we’re happy to help you do that. Aramendia’s team of plumbers and technicians has taken care of bathtub repair and other plumbing work for clients in the Dallas area for more than two decades. We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service every time and taking care of your repairs promptly. We do our best to get a plumber over to your home on the same day that you call, and we even offer 24 hour emergency services for events like major leaks. The next time you have issues with your bathtub, save yourself some time and money by calling us.

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Bathtub Faucet Repair

A service that is currently needed by our customers is bathtub and faucet repair. Here are some issues that mean you probably need a bathtub faucet repair:
  • A slow-running or stopped faucet
  • A leaky faucet
  • A shrieking faucet
Although a leaky bathtub faucet may not seem like the most important thing to fix, even a small leak can waste plenty of water over time. A professional can make the appropriate repairs by finding the real source of the problem. A slow-running faucet can also have a few different causes, so it’s best to turn to a licensed plumber to identify the underlying cause quickly. Our team can fix a leaking faucet, look for things that might be decreasing your water flow, or replace your bathtub spout altogether. Some people may think of bathtub faucet repair as a do-it-yourself kind of job. However, even so,ething as small as a leaky faucet can quickly turn complicated if you don’t have all the proper or necessary parts, or if you don’t understand the cause of the problem. By leaving the bathtub faucet repair to us, you can be sure it will get done properly and quickly so that you can keep using your bathtub or shower like usual.

Shower & Drain Repair

Here are just a few of the problems that we can fix with our shower or drain repair services:
  • Showerhead leaks
  • Shower pan leaks
  • Slow-running drains
  • Clogged drains
Since an extensive leak could damage your bathroom tile and floor, shower pan leaks are an important shower repair to handle right away. It’s also important to call a plumber for drain repair or cleaning when you have a bad drain clog. It’s smart to call a plumber who can take preventive measures to stop a clog from forming, even if water is just draining from your tub more slowly than it usually does. Trying to fix the problem yourself by using a tool like a hanger to scrape out the source of the clog or pouring strong cleaning chemicals down the drain can ultimately result in damage to your pipes. By putting off calling a plumber, you might be setting yourself up to need a more complicated or expensive drain repair in the future. We can handle your drain clogs quickly without doing any harm to your drain or pipes.

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If you have an emergency with a leak or a burst pipe, we offer around-the-clock emergency services at our regular price on weekends and holidays. You can also contact Aramendia at (469) 522-3291 anytime to have your questions answered or to get a free estimate on an installation or repair. 
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