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Dallas, TX Gas Furnace Repair

Dallas Gas Furnace Repair Dallas Gas Furnace Repair Aramendia understands that keeping your family warm is a top priority. We provide gas furnace repair in Dallas 24/7, and work quickly to ease the discomfort and inconvenience that comes from an ineffective heating system. Our technicians are certified in repairing all major furnace brands in your home or business. Our dedication to quality workmanship guarantees that property owners will receive consistently superior service. Other Heating Services We Offer

Other Heating Services We Offer

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Gas Furnace Installation Services

Many property owners make the mistake of waiting to replace their furnace until it fails. Furnaces shut down when they are strained, so you are certain to be out in the cold as a result. Stay ahead of the game and schedule your gas furnace installation with Aramendia today. That’s the best way to protect your family and ward off heating emergencies.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Gas Furnace

Understanding when it is time to repair your gas furnace can save you money and protect your family from unsafe conditions. If you notice any one of the following signs, call Aramendia’s furnace installation specialists to evaluate your unit.

Old age – A furnace’s average life expectancy is between 15 and 20 years. If your furnace is within this age range, gas furnace repair may no longer be a safe and viable option. Don’t wait until your furnace goes out to replace your unit, as doing so in an emergency can often prevent you from making sound decisions.

Rising bills – Furnaces are known to lose their efficiency as they get older, and especially when they have not been regularly maintained. If your system is running longer than usual to maintain the desired room temperature, you likely have a problem. The money that you save by installing a more efficient heating system will quickly pay for the initial cost of the new furnace.

Recent repairs – If you constantly have to repair your furnace, it may be time to invest in a new unit. On average, furnaces experience consecutive breakdowns when they are narrowing in on the last couple of years of life. If you have had more than one gas furnace repair in the last two years, plan to replace the unit.

Inconsistent temperatures – When your furnace is unable to properly distribute heat throughout your house, you may find that some rooms are too hot while others are too cold. This could require a simple thermostat repair or be an indication of severe issues within your unit.

Ill health Old furnaces often develop cracks inside the furnace’s heat exchanger. If carbon monoxide is present, it could leak into your home. An individual with carbon monoxide poisoning will experience flu-like symptoms, including disorientation, nausea and persistent headaches. Should you experience these symptoms due to a faulty furnace, air out your house and immediately call Aramendia’s gas furnace installation experts to assist you.

Pale flame – Your burner flame should be a deep blue. A flickering or yellow flame is often a sign that too much gas, or not enough oxygen, is burning. This can leach carbon monoxide into the air you breathe.

Sooty surface – This is an indication of possible carbon monoxide issues and furnace failure. Other signs that harmful gas may be leaking out is corrosion on the vent pipe or appliance jacks and excess moisture on walls, windows and other surfaces.

Odd noises – Rattling, popping and banging noises originating from your furnace is a sign that the unit is old and needs replacing. Squealing and constant cycling of your blower are also common occurrences when a furnace is nearing the end.

Stuffy home – Pay attention to the way the air in your home feels. Old furnaces may not be able to effectively clean and moisturize the Dallas air flowing throughout your home. If your house feels dusty and stuffy, or family members suffer from dust allergies or chronic dry nose, throat and skin problems, you may have a furnace on the fritz.

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