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Dallas, TX Furnace Maintenance

Dallas Furnance Maintenance Regular furnace maintenance is the most efficient method of preventing heating problems. Simple measures such as keeping a system clean can prevent component malfunctions and clogs within the heating unit. In the long run, consistent heating maintenance can prevent issues and save Dallas property owners money. Aramendia is proud to perform service and repairs on your heating systems, and provide you with helpful tips on how you can care for your furnace at home.

Heating Maintenance Tips

Ensuring that your furnace is always operating at its’ full potential is a way to save big bucks during the winter months. Allow Aramendia to improve your heating unit’s efficiency by giving it a full inspection, providing necessary repairs and maintenance In-between visits, you can care for your furnace in the following ways:
  • Pay attention – The first step to noticing any issues, is being aware of temperature changes around your house. If your thermostat is fixed at a comfortable temperature, but your house is much cooler or hotter than the initial degree, you probably have a problem with your thermostat. This will result in an inefficient unit and potentially high energy bills. Call Aramendia to diagnose and repair the issue.
  • Clean the unit – The mower, filter system and blower of your furnace should all be cleaned since they are more likely to attract dirt. In many systems, wire connections must be detached during cleaning, so it is wise to have a professional perform this type of the furnace maintenance. However, if you have been educated on furnace maintenance, you should be able to spot the need.
  • Change the filter – An important part of heating maintenance is changing central filters. Air filters can be purchased in virtually any store and are fairly inexpensive. A furnace with a dirty filter will produce less heat and force the unit to operate inadequately. During periods of heavy furnace use, they should be replaced every month.
  • Check for leaks – Gas furnaces can leak gas from ill fitted pipes. If you notice a soot-like substance on or around the furnace area, it is a sign of gas build up. Furthermore, a rotten egg smell or hissing sounds coming from the fittings are all indications of a gas leak. This is dangerous and requires immediate attention. Turn off the gas and call Aramendia for further assistance.
  • Shut it off – Furnaces that are not going to be used during the warmer months should not remain on. Turn them off, have them cleaned and replace the air filter. That way they will be ready to go for the next winter season. Before the frigid months approach, it is the ideal time to perform additional furnace maintenance to confirm that your unit is still working properly.

Signs You Need to Service Your Dallas Furnace

If you notice any of the following red flags, they are indications that it is time to call a heating maintenance and repair professional:
  • Loud noise – If your furnace is loud when it runs, it may be that your tension belt needs to be replaced.
  • Pilot light out – A properly working pilot light is a dark, hot blue. If it is any other color, or not even present, you may have a blocked pilot orifice. Over time, dirt, ash and debris can gather around the pilot light and cause it to malfunction.
  • Uneven air flow – If after checking that all the heat registers are open, you find that rooms are still unevenly heated, you likely have a ductwork issue. Aramendia can check for leaks or blockages.
  • Constantly cycling – You may have a faulty thermostat, blocked air vents or an overheating unit if your system continually cycles on and off.

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