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Dallas, TX Fresh Aire UV Light Installation & Repair

Dallas Fresh Aire UV Light ty of air in businesses, homes, and medical facilities. Aramendia now offers Fresh Aire UV light installation and repair for home and business owners in the Dallas area. If you, your family, or any of your employees have upper respiratory health complications, or allergies, then ultraviolet light might be the solution you need for healthier breathing. Aramendia is an industry-leading and family owned business that has been helping the Dallas area with all of their heating, air conditioning, and air purification needs for the past two decades. There’s no need for dust, pollen, offensive odors, and pollutants to remain in the air you breathe. Let Aramendia assist you in improving your overall health.

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How UV Lights Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Ultraviolet lights have enough energy to dissolve the links that bind organic molecules together. What this means for the air in your office, business, or home is that enough genetic and cellular damage is done to germs, bacteria, viruses, and molds that they are then destroyed when they pass through UV rays. Other noteworthy details and statistics about ultraviolet air purifiers include: Other noteworthy details and statistics about ultraviolet air purifiers include:
  • The Center for Disease Control recommends that ultraviolet air purifiers like Fresh Aire UV light and Reme UV light purifiers be used in conjunction with HEPA air purifiers.
  • A study conducted by the Air & Waste Management Association showed us that using germicidal ultraviolet lights with HEPA air filters lowered bacteria by as much as 80% in an around 3070 cubic foot chamber.
  • Studies have proven that the ultraviolet component of sunlight is the leading cause of the destruction of microbes while amongst outside air. Even though the rate at which they die off is different from pathogen to pathogen, studies have shown that the rate can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.
  • When UV lights were used in an office building, there was a reported 40% decrease in respiratory symptoms and a 30% decrease in nasal congestion. Reports of muscle complaints by nonsmoking employees saw a 50% decrease while breathing complications attributed to work saw a large 60% decrease.
  • UV lights can also disinfect the air and keep mold from growing inside of your home or office. Even though a high disinfection rate can’t be accomplished when the air stream passes through the UV light a single time, your home’s air is cycled through the air conditioner more than 50 times a day. Through continued exposure to an ultraviolet light, indoor air quality is improved and a high disinfection rate is accomplished.
Aramendia can help you find the perfect combination of a regular purifier and a UV light purifier, such as a HEPA or a Honeywell air purifier, so that the air in your business or home is doing great things for you and your loved ones.

Trusted Ultraviolet Lights

Aramendia only carries ultraviolet light purifiers of the highest grade and quality, includingReme UV air purifiers and Fresh Aire UV air purifiers. Fresh Aire UV light air purifiers are some of the best in the industry and are used in water treatments, inside homes and ice machines as well. There are even Fresh Aire air purification products that can be installed right in the ductwork of your central air conditioning system. Reme UV purifiers utilize natural oxidizers like ionized hydroxides and ionized hydro-peroxides to purify indoor air. A Reme UV light can increase the efficiency of natural airborne oxidizers to improve your family’s overall health.

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For more information about Fresh Air UV light and Reme UV light air purifiers or if your current UV light air purifier is in need of repair, contact us today. We look forward to working with you in improving your indoor air quality! Contact Aramendia at (469) 522-3291 to learn more about our air purifiers.
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