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Dallas, TX Heating and Cooling Products

Dallas Heating and Cooling Products Whether it’s during the scorching hot summer or the frigid winter, you’re probably using large amounts of power to heat or cool your home. It’s extremely important to have a well running air conditioning system during our hot Dallas summers, although we also experience occasional freezes in the winter which make it necessary to own a great working heater. With today’s rising energy costs, you may worry about whether your cooling and heating products are performing effectively. You can have an air conditioning or heating unit that appears to work well and keeps your home at just the right temperature for your family; however, a unit that cools or heats your home wellmay still be usingtoo much power, causing your bills to skyrocket. Here’s the good news, though; many of today’s cooling and heating products are built to save customers money, last for years, and reduce your carbon footprint. At Aramendia in Dallas, we have the expertise to help you select just the right heating or air conditioning unit, and to teach you tips on controlling the climate in your home efficiently and effectively.

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Heating and Cooling Products We Carry

If you own an air conditioning or heating unit that was built before the 2000’s, it’s time for an upgrade. The cooling and heating products’ major manufacturers produce today are built to reduce power and work much better than their former models. Any product with the Energy Star label uses 25% less energy than older models, for great savings! We carry a full line of energy-efficient products guaranteed to save power and money: We carry a full line of energy-efficient products guaranteed to save power and money:
  • Air Purifiers
  • Ultraviolet Lights
  • AC Units
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Radiant Barrier
  • Ductless Air Conditioner

Going Green With Aramendia Dallas

Billions of American dollars are spent each year, cooling and heating homes, which means our carbon footprint is quite large. By developing products with the environment in mind, manufacturers of cooling and heating products have made great strides in addressing this issue. In addition to this, there are ways you can help as well. Aramendia is as committed to helping our customers save money as we are to taking responsibility for the world we live in. We love knowing our customers are comfortable with a new, energy-efficient heater or air conditioning unit, and we also love giving our customers tips on how to further save on their monthly power bills. After the installation of your cooling and heating products, our technicians will be glad to spend time with you, discussing ways to save money and help the environment. We’ll walk you through the setup of your new system to be sure you fully understand all the power-saving features you can take advantage of. Anything from using an automated thermostat, to setting your heater or cooler to the correct temperature when you’re not home, can cause you to either save money or use too much power. Did you know where you decide to have your air conditioner unit, as well as planting trees in key areas around your property installed, can result in spectacular savings? We know all the tips and tricks that will get your units running at maximum, power-saving potential.In turn, lowering your bills, and keeping it green.

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Our heating and air conditioning experts are always available 24/7 in case of emergencies. We schedule regular maintenance to keep your units running reliably, without breakdowns or costly repairs. Contact Aramendia today at (469) 522-3291, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options on effectively heating and cooling your home with any of the superior, energy-saving products we supply.
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