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Dallas, TX Ductless Air Conditioner System

Dallas Ductless Air Conditioner System If you occupy an apartment, office building or home that doesn’t have air ducts, Dallas summers can be almost unbearable. While you can always stock up on box fans, they’re not really doing anything more than blow all of the hot air around, which only offers you the slightest bit of relief. Aramendia offers a number of ductless air conditioner systems that ensure optimized comfort throughout the summer, without forcing you to spend hundreds of dollars in utility bills. With 22 years of experience as an industry-leading HVAC company, we guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with what we have to offer. Ductless air conditioners are able to cool down a space without the use of a central air duct system. Even though the same effect can be done with a unit that’s mounted on the window, a ductless air conditioner is more effective because of its split system air conditioning unit. A split system air conditioning unit is an exterior unit that lowers the temperature of the surrounding air and gets rid of condensation while the interior fan spreads chilled air. The units are connected with flexible lines that channel electricity, condensate and refrigerant between the two.

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Split Air Conditioner Tips

Once we’ve installed your split air conditioner for you, we’ve got a few tips that will help you get the most out of your new air conditioner.  Try some of the following:
  • In order to keep hot air from trickling in, shut all the doors and windows to your home
  • Block sunshine from entering your house by closing all the blinds and curtains
  • Use split air conditioners early in the day to keep the temperature in your house comfortable with little energy use
  • Close the doors to rooms in the house that don’t need to be cooled, such as guest rooms and storage rooms
  • Use box fans in conjunction with your ductless air conditioner to keep from using a lot of energy
ven if you already own a central air conditioner, you can save money by having Aramendia install a split air conditioner. Instead of using cool air in your house for rooms no one is using at the moment, ductless air conditioners allow you to cool occupied rooms. If you do a lot of work in the garage during the summertime, split air conditioners are just what you need to keep your workspace cool and refreshing. Another advantage that comes with split air conditioners is that they aren’t as loud as most window units and work much more efficiently. It’s also extremely convenient that you won’t have to worry about removing and reinstalling them at the beginning and the end of the summer season.

Effective Cooling

Ductless air conditioners are best for lowering the temperature for just one room, but there are units that have several fans that are connected to an exterior condenser so the unit can then cool several rooms at a time. You can also attach the fan of ductless air conditioners on the wall or on a drywall ceiling making for an extremely convenient cool down. There are units available in different styles to match any home decor. If you’re interested in more information about ductless air conditioners, Aramendia will be more than happy to help you out. We carry units from some of the top brands, including:
  • American
  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Rheem.
  • Standard

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Aramendia has been helping the Dallas area stay comfortable and cool during the summer with the help of our certified technicians. Let us save you from the summer heat. When you’re ready to go ductless for the summer, contact Aramendia at (469) 522-3291.
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