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Dallas, TX Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Dallas Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Anperfectly-running air conditioner is a must-have when Dallas’ summer temperatures are unbearable. A broken down air conditioner is a problem you definitely want to avoid during the summer months. However, issues will eventually arise with your air conditioning unit with passing time. When this happens, call Aramendia HVAC professionals, and we’ll identify and repair any issues by running an HVAC diagnostic test and air conditioner troubleshooting. 


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Our Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Process

Our experienced HVAC technicians know what to search for when it comes to air conditioner troubleshooting. There are hundreds of unique parts within your air conditioner, helping to keep you cool through the summer heat. All it takes is a slight malfunction of one of those parts to throw the entire system out of whack.
  • First, we’ll take a look at the motor, where faulty wiring or a blown fuse can be easily replaced.
  • If the motor isn’t the source of the problem, then we’ll move along to the air filter to see if replacing it will improve any poor air flow that could be affecting the performance of your unit. Refrigerant leaks often occur over time, just by using the air conditioner. When a leak is fixed, it is easy to get the unit performing up to Aramandia standards again.
  • Finally, we’ll check the thermostat to see if the temperature on your thermostat matches the actual one in your home or office. If not, then the thermostat may need to be recalibrated or replaced.
Our goal in air conditioner troubleshooting is to quickly and efficiently identify the problem, fix it, and get you back to living blissfully through the hot Dallas summer.

HVAC Diagnostic Testing

Our HVAC technicians at Aramendia are experts in making sure your AC is running efficiently by performing a highly integrated HVAC diagnostic test. The outcome of HVAC diagnostics can give clues about your HVAC efficiency, whether there may be duct leaks or blockages, and how the air quality and air temperature balance is throughout your office or home. HVAC diagnostics typically follow these steps: HVAC diagnostics typically follow these steps:
  • Interview: Aramendia knows that you’re going to be our best source of information for you air conditioner. This is why we’ll be asking you about the overall performance of your heating and cooling system, what the comfort levels are in each room, and what air quality concerns you may have that could be exacerbating any conditions in your family or employees (i.e., asthma, allergies, headaches).
  • Inspection: We’ll inspect and go over every inch of your system to check for any potential issues that could cause problems in the future.
  • Measurement: The measurements we’ll be taking include; the static pressure across the system in order to spot any areas where energy is being lost because of duct leakage. We’ll also measure the airflow and temperature at each outflow and inflow.
  • Rating: Once the measurements have been collected, we’ll use that information to calculate a HVAC diagnostics rating for your system. This gives you an idea of what percentage of the system is reaching the rooms of your home or office compared to what your system is actually capable of.
  • Recommendations: Based on whatever ratings we receive, we’ll give you advice and information about what you can do to keep your AC running smoothly.
  • Follow-up: In order to ensure the repairs helped reach the desired outcome, we will be checking up on your system and giving you any follow-up advice.

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Leave the care and maintenance of your HVAC system to us. We know what to look for in HVAC diagnostics and are well-equipped to perform the air conditioner troubleshooting that will keep your unit running smoothly. Call the Good Guys at (469) 522-3291 or fill out our online form, and let us help you today.
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