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Dallas, TX Air Conditioner Maintenance

Dallas Air Conditioner Maintenance Your air conditioning unit is an intricately built machine made up of many different parts,all of them working together, in order to provide your Dallas home or business with the most advanced cooling available. When summer arrives, it is even more important that you have the AC unit running frequently. If there is something wrong in your air conditioner, the constant use and strain can lead to AC failure, but regular air conditioner maintenance can help you avoid that issue and keep your unit humming along through even the hottest days.


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HVAC Maintenance Tips

Summer is the peak season for air conditioner use. Which is why spring and fall are the best times to get regular maintenance done. In order to get the most out of your maintenance plan, follow some of these steps:
  • Create a Maintenance Schedule – about once a year in the spring or fall is sufficient, unless you have an older AC unit and need to do it more often..
  • If you sign up for an annual HVAC maintenance plan with Aramendia, you will get reminders about your upcoming service appointments.
  • Don’t forget to change out the air filter on a regular basis. When a filter is clogged, it can block airflow and reduce efficiency in the system. Talk to your Aramendia technician when they arrive for regular HVAC maintenance in order to find out how often the filter needs to be changed, and where it is located.
  • Check the filter around your air conditioner coil for dirt and debris, as dirt can reduce the airflow around the coil, making it harder for the coil to absorb heat and cool your home. Keep the area around your AC unit clean and clear of debris, and keep foliage clipped or trimmed to allow adequate airflow.
  • Make sure the surrounding area is sealed properly so it doesn’t allow cool air to escape the room. If you have a central air unit, make sure all your windows and doors are properly sealed to avoid air leakage.

Save Money

As with most major appliances, your air conditioning unit and your HVAC unit require some extra care and attention to keep them operating at peak performance levels. Emptying your pocket for a little air conditioning maintenance may be initially difficult to do. We know there’s a lot of other things you want to use that money for. However, air conditioner maintenance prevents future problems and protects you from having to spend more money on a replacement. If it does break down, you will find yourself not only uncomfortable in a house without AC, but potentially facing costly repairs or even a full AC unit replacement.
With regular AC maintenance, you can ensure that your unit is running at peak efficiency. Over time, the constant wear and tear that the air conditioner goes through will reduce efficiency, especially without maintenance along the way. As your air conditioner becomes less efficient, it requires a lot more energy in order to keep your house cool, which can result in expensive utility bills. Fortunately with some basic maintenance, you can keep the AC running as high as 95% of its original efficiency levels far longer than it would otherwise. The money you spend on that annual tune-up can pay for itself with lower power bills.  

Achieve Peace of Mind

If you don’t receive regular AC maintenance, it’s hard to predict when your unit might break down. Getting it serviced at least once a year can help you steer away from potential problems, and avoid pricey replacements or repairs.

Call Aramendia for Regular AC Maintenance

Getting regular HVAC maintenance ensures that your unit has proper refrigerant levels and no leaks, that all ducts are sealed, air is flowing through the unit, and that all the parts are working as they should be. Contact Aramendia today at (469) 522-3291 to start your regular Dallas AC maintenance plan.
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