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Common Reasons Homeowners Have Poor Energy Efficiency in the Summer

Have you been experiencing poor energy efficiency and high cooling costs summer aramendia during the summer? There are a few common reasons to account for this that should be checked and addressed as soon as possible.

When is the last time you changed or cleaned your air filter? If it’s been a while and the filter is clogged or dirty, your energy efficiency could be greatly suffering. When an air filter is clogged, air flow and circulation will be reduced, which keeps the cool air you’re paying for from reaching the rooms in your home. This makes the air conditioner have to work harder to maintain desired temperatures. Air filters should be changed every 30-90 days, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, seasonal allergy concerns, and the number of people and pets living in your home.

If you’re losing cool air due to leaky ducts or poor insulation, again your air conditioner has to work harder and energy efficiency is lost. Check the seal around your doors to ensure you’re not losing cool air that way. It’s often a difficult task to properly assess ductwork and is best left to the professionals. Here at Aramendia, our team can inspect, evaluate, and diagnose your ductwork to ensure there aren’t any issues causing air to be lost.

Do what you can to reduce heat gain in your home. Keep curtains closed to block the sun and avoid generating too much heat with electronics or cooking. You can also bump up your thermostat a few degrees, which will save you on cooling costs, and use ceiling fans to stay cool. Ceiling fans provide a “wind chill factor”, and on average have the capacity to make a room feel about 8 degrees cooler. Just remember to turn fans off when you leave the room.

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